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Over the past few years, social networks have developed and changed the way communication works all over the world. Facebook has become the most interesting social network, gathering around 1.8 billion users. This not only brought advantages for people using it, but disadvantages as well. Curiosity made people starting to hack Facebook accounts: men being jealous, women wanting to see their partner’s conversations, young people trying to look for a way of having fun. That is why we, as a team of developers decided we need means of recovering Facebook accounts. If someone found out how to hack your Facebook account, you do not need to panic, as we created ways of gaining back access to your personal account. We can also help you in case you forgot your credentials: username and password. This is not uncommon, as we daily have to remember several account credentials: the ones from work, the ones from our personal accounts.

  1. What is our mission?

We are trying to help you get back your Facebook account, in case you lose control of it. This might happen due to someone hacking your account or in the case of losing your password. We can help you, as we are using smart tools and a very well developed strategy. You deserve to be in control of your personal accounts.

  1. Strategy and purposes

We thought about all the people losing their Facebook accounts and created attractive and easy to use tools. We also created special tutorials for you, so you find out how you can recover your credentials: password and username. For some people, it’s easier to lay back and watch a video, instead of reading a long article. Our specialists have tested all the tools before providing them to you, because we want to make sure we give you access to smart and proper working tools. Afterward, we created interesting tutorials you can find on our website. If you forgot something from the videos, then you can easily scroll up or down and look for that specific information.

  1. What are the topics you find on our website?

While doing research, we encountered several cases related to Facebook hack. We are constantly analyzing them and we are writing articles based on our findings. For example, on our website you’ll be able to read about the reasons someone can have when hacking a Facebook account. If one day you realize someone broke into your personal account, we are sure you’ll be curious and you’ll have questions, such as ‘Why would someone do that?’ . We want to provide you not only with solutions, but also with answers.

  1. How does the tool work?

All you need is the Facebook profile of the person you’re thinking of. Simply copy/paste the link into the special bar from our website, thick the box containing Terms and Conditions and press enter. Wait for a few seconds until our tool processes the information and you will get the username and password you’re looking for: simple and quick. During the search timeframe, the tool will recombine thousands of combinations made of words, letters, numbers and symbols in order to provide you with the result. The tool has a 99.99% success rate and it has helped thousands of people so far.

  • Look for the URL Facebook account
  • Copy/paste the URL

  • Insert it on our website

  • Press enter

  • Extremely fast

  • 99.99% success rate

    Facebook Online Hack Tool

    1. Hack features

    FbPassworder is a very strong Facebook hack tool. Everyone can use it, no matter the country you’re from. All you need is an Internet connection in order to access it. The biggest advantage is that you can use it for free: you do not have to pay anything. The tool can be accessed from any device you have: mobile or PC. It means you can use the tool if you’re in the car, at home, at work and you can use your mobile phone, your tablet or your personal computer. There are no restraints on this. Plus, you do not need to download any program: you have everything online.

  • No download required

  • Can be accessed from anywhere, by anyone

  • Can be accessed from any device

  • Fast and easy to use

    1. Is it safe to use this tool?

    When using our tool, you do not need to worry about security and being traced back. We made sure the servers do not show any link back to your computer when using the tool. If you still have doubts, you can easily use the computers from an Internet café, for example.

    1. What is our overall vision?

    When creating this website, we chose Facebook because this is the most powerful social network at the moment. The information we provide you and the tools we created are meant to help you recover your accounts. We’re aware that some people might use our articles and tutorials for a different purpose, but if most of our readers understand the main goal we had in mind at the beginning, then we are satisfied.

    1. Expanding towards Instagram

    Over 600 million users are now having an Instagram account as well, besides the one from Facebook. That is why we decided to expand our vision towards this social network as well and towards what hack Instagram means. We created a similar tool as the one for Facebook, in order for you to recover your Instagram credentials. The tool is easy to use and can be accessed by anyone for free. You can use any device you want. Instagram accounts are mostly used in order to post personal pictures and some accounts are being targeted more than others. For example, celebrities have their Instagram accounts hacked constantly and using our tool can solve this. You don’t want a stranger having access to your credentials and that is why you need to keep it safe. We can help you doing that in a very easy way.

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