About us

We are a team of developers that have designed professional tools used for recovering Facebook accounts. Our solutions are used by hundreds of users around the world and have helped people regain access to their social media accounts after forgetting their credentials (username or password). While some would call this hacking Facebook accounts, we strongly recommend using our tools for legal purposes only and we are not responsible for any illegal activity!


Our mission is to help people around the world regain access to their Facebook accounts in case they lost their credentials.


Our strategy is to enable users to recover their Facebook credentials by providing them with professional hacking tools and tutorials.


We chose Facebook because of its large number of users. Worldwide, today it counts more than 1.79 billion users per month and we believe that if we manage to help 1% of them, our mission is complete.

We are all aware of the fact that our hacking tools are capable of harming other people’s Facebook accounts, and as we invest a lot of time into online security and how to avoid being hacked, our value proposition is “Hack yourself!”, rather than hacking others! If you really need to access someone else’s account using our tools and techniques, please ensure that you have the approval of that person first!

Thanks for visiting us and remember – hacking can be easy, just use it for the right purpose!