You are a smart person, you like spending time online, and you know everything about Facebook. That means that you have what it takes to make money by hacking Facebook accounts. If you haven’t thought about this yet, no worries.

I will provide you with four interesting ideas related to how you can make money by hacking Facebook accounts. I am sure this article will open new horizons for you, and you will start thinking about transforming your pleasure into an actual job.

Learn how to make money by hacking Facebook accounts

Work for an online store that sells Facebook Likes

Business owners recently understood they need Facebook in order to faster reach the audience they are interested in according to the products they sell. This is how online stores that sell Facebook Likes showed up all over the Internet. It means that when a shop needs to be promoted, the owner only needs to buy a Likes package. This way, the Facebook Page for that shop will have as many Likes as the owners want. People tend to believe more in brands that seem to be powerful. Seeing a Facebook Page with 10,000 Likes is not the same as seeing one with 100,000 Likes.

What you can do to earn real money is get a job in one of the online stores that sell Likes. You already know the facebook id hack.  So it will not be difficult to hack some Facebook accounts and then use them to sell Facebook Likes. This way you will be handling real Facebook accounts and the clients will be happy to have real Likes.

The money you can make out of this industry is significant. People who are looking to buy Facebook Likes are all over the world. This Social Network has around 1.8 billion people using it already, and it means that companies can easily promote their businesses this way. They won’t even be needing another kind of advertisement, as long as Facebook gives them the opportunity of reaching a large audience within a few days or weeks.

While most people wake up in the morning to go to work, you can decide your own schedule, and you can even work from home. Isn’t this every person’s dream?

Features not to forget: 

  • decide your schedule
  • make real and big money
  • work from home
Hack Facebook accounts from home and get rich

Help companies get online database

Big business will never admit, but to sell their products, they hire people who know how to hack Facebook accounts and create a sophisticated database. When owning a big brand or even when taking the first steps into a business, you need to have a good Marketing strategy to pursue people into buying what you sell. It means that companies need first to know what Facebook users are interested and how to reach to get them.

When creating a Facebook account, each user is being asked to fill several fields with things like passions they have, movies they are interested in, clothes, music. A Facebook user fills all the areas that could represent a business idea. By hiring you, someone who knows how to Facebook accounts, companies will learn what people want and then how people change their interests and into what. Plus, each Facebook user has a few personal details on this Social Network such as e-mail or Skype address. Large companies will use this information to send their audience e-mails with promotions or advertisements. By doing this job, you will be an important ”wheel’ in the Marketing ‘chain’ strategy for business owners.

Features not to forget:

  • work for big companies
  • have fun while working
  • be a part of the business owners Marketing strategy

Create online tools to help people hack Facebook accounts

Some people hack Facebook accounts for fun. Others do it because of jealousy or because they are curious. We all want to know what our boss talks on Facebook with someone, for example. Life partners want to know whom the other one talks to and so on. If you take the time to create online tools to help people hack into someone’s Facebook account and create a fee for each time someone uses your tool, you will earn real money. The key is not to have a high price, but as many users as possible.

Think of all the people who forget their Facebook password and they need it back because they have that Facebook account since many years ago. These people would pay to use your tool. You just have to make sure you create friendly and easy to use online tools when wanting to make money by hacking Facebook accounts. You can work from anywhere in the world you want, and you will be your boss. Plus, you can take time for yourself anytime you like.

Features not to forget:

  • work from anywhere you want
  • be your boss
  • select your prices
Earn real money by hacking Facebook accounts from home

Hack Facebook accounts and gather money

If you need some money in a short period and you already know how to hack a Facebook account, then target the Facebook users that could help you reach your goal. Celebrities: this is the key to a lot of money. For example, celebrities have lots of fans following each step they take on Social Networks. It means that if you steal a star’s Facebook account and you write on the Timeline that you are gathering money for a charity cause, together with a bank account, out of 1.000.000 followers, there will be much-depositing money into that account. Up until the moment that celebrity will reach her fans to let them know about the scheme, you will already have the money. It’s that easy.

Features not to forget:

  • decide how much money you want and get it
  • work from home
  • work when you want

Forget about the regular jobs and tiring schedules. Just use your online skills to have fun while earning enough money by hacking Facebook accounts! 🙂

4 methods to make money by hacking Facebook accounts

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