4 tips to keep your Facebook Accounts​ safe
4 tips to keep your Facebook Accounts​ safe

Here we have four tips to make sure that your Facebook it won’t get hacked, you just need a few simple things to keep in mind. As long you follow my guide, apply them your Facebook account should be safe! But that doesn’t mean that it will be 100% safe, always you have a little risk to be hacked while browsing the internet!

Set a secure password

First and most important step to keep your Facebook password safe, is to make sure that your password is secured and a safe one. Don’t you know how to set a secure password? Well just follow this guides;

  • Make sure your password isn’t something very simple like; “123456” a safe password should look something like this example; ” 2huaWei#

If you make sure you set a complex and secure password, you make hackers mission a lot, but when I say a lot I mean a lot much harder, some hackers are trying to hack into your facebook password using brute force Facebook hacking method. So for those hackers seeking to apply that method to hack your passwords, if you have complicated passwords you make their mission all most impossible!

Pay much attention where you use your login credentials

Some hackers are using Social Engineering, when they are trying to steal your Facebook account credentials, I’m pretty sure you have no idea what is that method about, and how is possible, but believe me, it is very real, and it is possible! If you want ou can learn over there how to hack facebook accounts with Social Engineering. It may look hard at first, but once you understand the base of it, you can even apply yourself the method to hack a friend’s account.

As you saw on the social engineering hacking tutorial, the hacker is trying to fool his victim by confusing the victim to use the fake login page, instead of the real Facebook login page, so basically if the victim does so, it will send his login data to the hacker.

To avoid being hacked by this method, simply pay much attention where you log in, even if the page looks similar to the real one, make sure you only log in on the URL (https://facebook.com)

Don’t download anything suspicious

Another very popular hacking method is based on Keylogger & IStealer, the best way to understand how to stay safe against this method is to check our Facebook hacking tutorial based on Keylogger and IStealer 6.3.  With this approach, mainly the hacker is trying to send you a virus.

It can be a photo, an audio file or even an ebook; you may receive it via Skype, Facebook Messenger or even Gmail, just make sure you analyze on virustotal.com anything that it may be suspicious!

Learn most of the ways a hacker it can hack you

Our site is specialized on hacking Facebook accounts, if you have the time to read most of our tutorials and tips, you can get a Security Expert, and you can do so quickly

We already have listed most of the hacking methods that still works on 2017, and we are continually finding, testing and publishing on the blog new hacking methods!

If you have the ability to know how your “Enemy” is trying to put you down, you have a huge advantage against him, be sure to keep updated with the ways that your online enemy want to hack you, so you can know exactly how to fight back!

4 Tips to Keep your Facebook Account Safe

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