How to buy real Facebook Likes
How to buy real Facebook Likes

Buying real facebook likes it can help your business a lot, especially if you are at the beginning of the road, probably now your fan page has no activity, zero likes, zero comments, and so on. If you buy some Facebook likes, you can gain potential new customers overnight! The most crucial decision when you are going to buy likes is the store you choose! Some stores are offering low-quality fake likes, those won’t do any good for your business, you have to pay much attention to choose the best store, so you can be sure that you will get real facebook likes!

Chose the store you going to buy likes from

We made a list before with the top five stores that we used and from our experience are the best ones to go with, you can always just google another store if you want, that’s okay too.

But make sure you check some reviews from other buyers, since all most monthly new stores come up, and most of them are low-quality! Over there you have the best places to buy real facebook likes.

Now if you decided with which store you want to go for this transaction, then we can start, for my example, I decided to go with

In my experience is the highest-quality store of the entire marketplace, but this is only my opinion, you can always go with another one, is your call!

Choose how many Facebook likes you want to buy

Choose many Facebook likes you want to buy for your business
Choose how many Facebook likes you want to buy for your business

In my example, I’m going to buy 500 Facebook likes, which will cost me exactly $53, once I decided how many likes I need.

The second step is to copy and paste my Facebook Fan Page URL; I’m going to show you how to do that as well in a few moments. You can also buy likes for your personal photos if you want, but for the tutorial, we are going to use it for business, not personal photos!

Copy your Facebook Fan Page URL

Go to your fan page and copy the URL of it!
Go to your fan page and copy the URL of it!

Now in order to continue as you saw on the screenshot, you have to go to your fan page, identify and copy the URL of your Fb fan page. Is pretty simple, I’m sure you can do it!

Paste your Facebook fan page URL on the Store and Make the Payment

Paste your fan page URL and chose a payment method!
Paste your fan page URL and chose a payment method!

Paste the URL you want to promote, just select a payment method. At the moment looks like is available only to pay via a Credit or Debit card. is a modern and safe store, you don’t have to worry about your CC safety, is 100% safe, but as an extra security measure, you can use a credit card that you don’t have much money on it. If you don’t want to invest any money in promoting your business, you can use a previous tutorial and get free facebook likes without spending a penny.

Pay the invoice

Pay the Facebook likes
Pay the Facebook likes

All we have left to do now after we did all the previous steps, is just to pay the Facebook likes invoice, after you submit the payment, the store should complete your order within 24-48 hours. Sometimes when they are extremely busy it may take a little bit longer, but that’s not a reason to worry, even if they mate delay your order with few more extra hours they still going to make sure that you receive the highest quality services!

Or make money selling Facebook Likes

If you want you can use this opportunity to make real money, since many people are looking daily to buy Fb likes, you can use this as your business.  You can set up your own store, or you can sell only on forums, or to a small group on Skype, or anywhere else that you think that you may find interested people on buying your services. Here we have a tutorial on how to get free facebook likes. So you can use that tutorial to learn how to get free likes and then sell them.

How to buy real Facebook likes

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