Download Facebook Videos with & SnapTube
Download Facebook Videos with & SnapTube

Download Facebook videos without any kind of Software. Why do we need this? Well, it’s happening all the time to browse on Facebook and find a cool video that you would like to save, but the problem is that Facebook normally doesn’t allow users to download videos. But in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can easily download all most any kind of Facebook videos on just a few moments.

  • (Computer Facebook Video Downloader)

With you can easily download Facebook videos from your Computer or Laptop, is an online website that easily allows you to download the videos directly from your Browser. We have several benefits using online tools like Fbdown. One of the biggest benefits is that the Owner of the tool will always update the tool to make sure that it performing perfectly fine! That one is just one, but in reality are plenty more benefits!

  • First copy the Facebook Video URL that you would like to download
Copy Facebook Video Url that you would like to download
Copy Facebook Video Url that you would like to download
Facebook video downloader
Facebook video downloader

In some cases when the video that you would like to download, it may be set on the private audience. In this case, it’s getting just a little bit more complicated, you may need to copy the full HTML view-source and use it like Fbdown suggests you to do!

  • After you paste the Facebook video URL that you wanted to download simply hit “Download” button.

After you previously clicked “Download” you’re redirected to a page where you see a small thumb of your desired Facebook video, and a text below the thumb saying something like” Download Video in Normal Quality” just click that and your download should now start. I’ve tested that with several random videos of Facebook and worked every single time like a charm.

  • Download Facebook Videos with Android & IOS

You can also use from Android or IOS or any other mobile operating system, but for those of you who like to make the process a lot much easier and fast, you can use SnapTube app, on the screenshots below you’ll understand what you need to do in order to download Facebook videos from Android easy & fast. All you need to is to follow the exact instructions and you’ll succeed to download any video on Fb!

  • Copy Facebook Video URL
Download Facebook videos from Android
Download Facebook videos with your Android device

Now you only need to copy the Link and open a Browser, I suggest you use Firefox. Then simply paste it into the browser, if your Android is updated it should allow you to download the video without any software, the browser has that feature.  You can also try using Chrome or Opera Mini but I’m not 100% that it works, for the best results, as I said before, I highly suggest you use Firefox!

  • Save the Video!
Save the video From Firefox
Now you should see the Option to Save The Video!

If you did everything properly you should see the option to Save the Facebook video directly from Firefox Android! Only hit “Save video” and the video will be downloaded to your Android storage, or Dropbox, it all depends on your settings!

Credits to: Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software (Computer | Android | iOS)

Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software

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