Today I’m going to show you how to create and manage Facebook Ads quickly. This Social Network is an interesting tool you can use for advertising, as it provides you with the possibility of reaching exactly the target you have in mind much easier than you expect it and the results will be excellent. All you need to do is choose the appropriate Facebook tools, and in no time you’ll have your ad reaching millions of people coming from anywhere in the world you like. I’ll use screenshots to show you exactly the steps you need to take, and I promise that by the end of this tutorial, you will know exactly what to do to use Facebook ads to its maximum potential.

First, you need to log into the Facebook account you want to use to create and manage an ad. Go to the small drop down arrow you will see on the upper right side of your account and just click on ‘Create adverts.’

Video Tutorial


Now you have reached the Settings Page where you can select everything you need from. One of the most important steps to creating a good Facebook ad is to set the Campaign and choose your objective, depending on the product you want to promote. You can see bellow that there are three main sections Facebook created to make your work easier: Awareness,  Consideration, and Conversion.


In the Awareness section, you have at hand Brand Awareness, Local Awareness and Reach.

  • Brand Awareness – this helps you reach people from Facebook that will tend to pay attention to your add.
  • Local Awareness – self-explanatory
  • Reach – you will be able to maximize the number of people in your audience.

Then we move on to the Consideration section. Here you have:

  • Traffic – this feature helps you redirect more people towards a destination from Facebook
  • Engagement – find out how can more people engage with your Post. For example, this post can include comments, shares, likes, event feedback or offer claims
  • App Installs – you need to show Facebook users how to get to the store, to purchase your product
  • Video Views – by promoting videos containing images from behind the scene will help you increase the awareness of your brand
  • Lead Generation – knowing as many things as possible about your audience is critical. Is what this feature helps you to do.

Last, but not least is the Conversion section. Here we have:

  • Conversions – adding a payment info or making a purchase is what you want people to do. This feature helps you reach your goal related to this. You have at hand Facebook pixel or app events to track and measure conversions
  • Product Catalogue Sales – allows you to create adverts that show Facebook users products from your catalog, according to your target audience
  • Store visits – helps you promote more than one business location to the people in the area

We are now moving on to creating the ad.

You’ll be able to select the account country, the currency and the Time Zone. Then just click ‘Continue.’

Incredible: you can even select the specific audience you need. For example, you must take into consideration that young people with ages between 13 and 18 years old are not interested in buying anything, as they do not have money, so you have to be smart. Pick an audience with ages between 24 and 65 years old.

When creating this tutorial, I used a Fan Page of a restaurant from the Czech Republic. Is just an example to show you how you can do it. Most of the successful business owners combine their Facebook ads with free Facebook Likes. They set up their Fan Page and then start boosting the page with tons of Likes. Plus, some of them are even hacking some Facebook accounts, and they use the hacked Facebook accounts as a part of their Marketing strategy. Mostly, it’s about leaving positive reviews online.

In the picture bellow you’ll easily see how I chose the Facebook Fan Page, I want to create an ad for and Facebook immediately showed me the potential reach target: 1,700,000 million people. It means my ad will daily reach between 5.000 and 13.000 people. Kind of cool, right?

You can pick the location your audience can be from. For example, if you have a business in the United States of America, it is completely logical to select this area and this, together with the age frame, Facebook will show you the estimated audience size. In this case, it is 209,000,000! Yes, I did not use too many 0’s. Millions of people will get your ad, as you can easily see in the picture I attached bellow.

Another cool thing about this section is that you can select as the audience all, only men or only women. For example, if you have a clothing store for females, you do not need the other category as well. You can even select the Language. Another crazy and exciting Facebook thought about. Then you can choose the interests your audience might have. This is a different feature, offering you the option of choosing people interested in Relationships, Education, Parenting, Entertainment. All you need is to know exactly what you’re interested in promoting. In case you forget something, Facebook takes care to remind you through pop-ups like this one:

When you finish selecting the audience features you are interested in, just click on ‘Save this Audience’ and you can move on.

Next, we have Placements: show your adverts to the right people in the right places. I kindly advise you to use Edit arrangements, so you can select on what kind of devices you want your ad to reach the audience: mobile or PC.  For example, nowadays people use their mobile devices more than they use their personal computers. Keep that in mind when creating an ad.

We can now move on to the Budget section. You can now define how much you’d like to spend and when you would like your adverts to appear. The minimum daily budget is $5, but this one can increase in time. You can run you your advert continuously, or you can select a particular timeframe for your audience to get it, as you can see in the picture attached. My advice would be to choose a specific timeframe, as continuously bugging people with ads will not bring you success.

In the end, you can format the advert. What does this mean? You can select for example where the ad can be seen. You can choose the Desktop format or one of the other ones, as showing in the picture bellow. It would be best if you chose the mobile version for the ad, as nowadays mostly use their mobile devices and their tablets/iPads.

Then you can easily choose how you’d like your advert to look like. Keep in mind that on Facebook, it’s mostly about pictures.  Is what this Social Network is about. The description you’re using for the images needs to be short and relevant. Keep in mind: this is one of the most important rules Facebook has, and this will help you reach a better audience. Nobody has the patience to read a long description.

You can create up to 6 adverts at once by uploading multiple images. You can quickly take a look on how to do so by seeing the picture bellow.

The final thing is Facebook showing you what’s going to result.

Once you finished going through all these steps, you can review your order. It will look like this, according to the Settings yo have chosen.

If at this point you realize you forgot something or that something is not ok for you, just click on Edit Order and you will be able to change anything you like. Otherwise, just click on Place Order to select the Payment method you like.

Keep in mind that the example I used represents only a simulation and you will be able to choose the Settings you like.

Stay tuned for more tutorials. It’s easier to learn new things together! 🙂

How to effectively create Facebook ads

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  • March 13, 2017 at 8:31 am

    That’s a good tutorial, thanks a lot! I have a similar business like the one of your example 🙂

  • March 13, 2017 at 8:33 am

    Hey Ana, I’m wondering if is it posible to gain more clients for my business wich is located in New York by targeting people from South Africa? My business is online so i think is fine if im not going to target only New yorkers, right?


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