Facebook Hacker based on Brute Force Technology.
Facebook Hacker based on Brute Force Technology.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can quickly become a Facebook hacker by using the Brute Force Technology. I am going to explain to you what the Brute Force is and what are exactly the steps someone can take to get your Facebook credentials. Once you know everything on how to hack Facebook passwords by using the Brute Force Technology, you will know how to protect your personal credentials.

What does the Brute Force Technology represent?

To understand how the Facebook hacker works by using the Brute Force Technology, you first need to know what the Brute Force is and how it works.

The Brute Force is a programming style that helps you find out the password you are looking for. The Brute Force decodes encrypted data. The program will search through all the possible passwords until it finds the correct one. The Brute Force Technology does all the work for you. It means you do not have to do all this manually.

How does the Facebook Hacker work when using the Brute Force Technology?

To understand how the Facebook Brute Force works. I suggest you get them right from the beginning. You will need the Facebooker Perl Script, a Word list, and a programming language.

You can easily download the Facebook Perl Script from there:

Facebooker Perl Script

The next thing you need is a Word list. You can get it from Google, CUPP or Crunch.

If you want to use CUPP (Common User Passwords Profiler) you can find it there:

CUPP – word list generator

You can also use Crunch and you can download it from there:

Crunch is a wordlist generator

Then you will need a programming language and I encourage you to use the Perl Language. You can download it from there:

Download the Perl Language from here

Now you need to select the Facebook account. I will use this Facebook account as an example:

Choose the Facebook account you want to hack by using Brute Force

You will use the Facebook ID. This is where you can find it.

The Facebook ID you need

In this case, the Facebook ID I will use as an example is abdelrazek.kandeel.5.

The next step you need to take is open the Word list you have previously downloaded and check it.

It will look like this:

The word list that will help you find out the password

Then open the Perl command and insert there the Word list, as following.

Enter the Word list into the Perl Command

Now just press Enter. You now have to add: Facebook.pl abdelrazek.kandeel.5 (the Facebook ID) and the list.txt, as following. Do not forget you need spaces between them.

The Perl Command

Press Enter and the cracking process will automatically start.

The Perl Command

This is the moment when the Word list will be tested. It means the Perl Command is looking for all the possible passwords for you. You will see how the first results will always be wrong, but don’t worry.

The Perl Command

In a few moments, you will get the password you are looking for.

The Perl Command

This is how Facebook hacker using the Brute Force Technology works. All you need to do now is test the password you’ve got, and you will see how everything works perfectly.

How is safe to crack someone’s Facebook account by using Brute Force Technology?

The Brute Force Technology is smart, and it does not allow anyone to trace you back. It means you can hack any Facebook password and that Facebook user won’t even know.

Who uses the Brute Force technology to hack Facebook accounts?

The Brute Force Technology method is used not only by jealous people wanting to find out more about their partner’s conversations with other people but also by those in charge of the stores where you can buy Facebook Likes from. This is a developing industry at the moment. More and more business men buy Facebook Likes to increase their product’s visibility and the Facebook Likes help them doing so.

Thank you for reading this tutorial and stay tuned! There are much more to come 🙂

Credits to: Abd El-Razek Kandeel

Facebook Hacker using BruteForce Technology – Full Tutorial

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