Facebook video downloader
Facebook video downloader which you can use online!

Facebook video downloader tool which will help you to download Facebook videos, this one is way better than the previous Facebook video downloader that I presented you a few days ago. The old one is pretty good as well. But this one which we will use today is a lot faster and stable than the old one.

Targeted Facebook Video
The targeted Facebook video.

This video is just a simple example which we will use today. But you can use any video that you like, and you can download it using the exact steps that we’re going to take today on this tutorial!

  • Step 2 – Copy the Facebook video URL from your browser and paste it on the Fb video downloader
The Fb video downloader
The Fb video downloader

As you saw after you paste it the Fb video URL that you want to download simply click on “Download!” button and the again you’ll see below on the page another button saying “Download this Video” click that again and the download should start!

Facebook Video downloader for Android Devices

For those of you that use Android and you want to download Fb videos from Android as well you can use the Downvids Helper app which is available on Google Play Store under the name Downvids Helper – One touch DW

DownVids Helper - Android Fb video downloader
DownVids Helper – Android Fb video downloader

Is very easy to use, the app is completely free. After you install it you simply open it and login with your Facebook account on the Downvids App. Now you just navigate through the Facebook wall, pick the Fb video that you would like to download, play it. And now you should see somewhere inside the app a button saying “Download” simply click it! And your download should begin if you’ve done everything correct!

Hack Uploader Facebook account and  Download his Videos

As an ultimate solution, you can hack the uploader Facebook account and download his videos directly from his Facebook gallery! I know it may sound Sci-Fi but to hack Fb accounts on 2017 is very possible, and a lot of people are doing it daily!

Facebook Video Downloader – 2 Easy Steps!

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