We have a fantastic tool that you can use to prank your friends, it looks like a real facebook hacker, but in reality is just a simulator. But you can use it to make fun of your friends, making them believe that you know how to hack facebook accounts. The tool is online, and you can run it directly from your browser, you don’t need to download any app on your device!

  • Facebook Online Hacker

The Facebook online hacker is just a simulator, so isn’t a real hack, you can only use it to prank or scare your friends. If you are one of those guys that need to hack into a facebook account for real, I suggest you check our tutorial on how you can hack facebook passwords with social engineering.

The Facebook Online Hacker
The Facebook Online Hacker

You can easily use it from;

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Symbian

The hack is 100% responsive on all the listed devices, and probably is fully responsive with most of the devices, since we made it dynamic, and we designed it such way that you don’t need to download anything, everything you need is right there on the online page!

How to use it

  1. Copy  Facebook Profile URL of your victim
  2. Insert the URL into the box of our tool
  3. Hit “Start hacking!”
  4. Wait about 60-120 seconds
  5. Now after the hacking process is done, you should get a text document with some fake credentials

Now your friends are going to believe that you hacked their Facebook, it looks so real that not even an IT expert can tell that is fake. You can record awesome videos for YouTube, or you can just open the hack on your browser and scare them to death, come up with something like; ” Look, I can hack your Facebook account!”.

  • Instagram Online Hacker

The Instagram hack is similar to the facebook hacker; we designed them with the same structure, they both work with Brute-Force hacking technology. Is easy to use.

You don’t need to know any programming language, you only need an internet connection and a computer obviously, and you can start! It can be used from all most any device.

Instagram Hacker
The Instagram Hacker

When it comes to the Instagram hacking, we can say that it is a little bit harder to hack, even that Facebook is the number #1 social media website of 2017, but looks like Instagram is way smarter, especially when it comes to Security & AntiHacking Protections, it’s very difficult to brute force on Instagram accounts, because their advance Captcha’s. But of course is not impossible!

The online tool is fake, you can only use it for pranks if you want to hack someone’s Instagram for real you need to apply one of your blog tutorials, we have several tutorials showing you how you can hack social media accounts.

Fake online Facebook & Instagram Accounts Hack

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