Today we’re going to learn together how to obtain as many free Facebook Likes as we want by using a method that kind of hacks and tricks Facebook. It’s not hacking, but a way of cheating the system and getting as many Likes as we want for the pictures we have on our personal Facebook accounts. We can even get more Likes for our Facebook Fan Page likes. This way you can become yourself a Facebook hacker by following just a few steps. In case you want to learn how to actually hack a Facebook account, you can easily learn this from our website.

Video Tutorial

How are we going to do that?

Well, it is pretty easy. Many popular websites allow users to trade and exchange Likes, followers and shares. You can even exchange or buy Youtube views in no time. It’s easy: one of the most favorite websites to help you doing this is This is the one we’re going to use for this tutorial. At this moment, you might think that you’re going to gain just a few likes by using this website: like 50-60 Likes. This site will help you get thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of unique Likes for only one picture. is even more popular than you can imagine: I attached a picture bellow so that you can see this for yourself.

Addmefast unique visitors
Addmefast unique visitors

As you can easily see, this website has around 3 million unique visitors from all over the world. You can now see the five most active countries on this platform.

As you can see, it seems that Turkey, Brazil, United States of America, Vietnam and Russia are the most active countries on What does this mean for you? It means you can gain many Likes from people coming from Turkey, Brazil, United States of America and so on. In case your target does not originate from any of these countries, do not worry! These are the most active countries, but they are not the only ones. There are also people using the platform from Spain, Germany, England. It’s just that they are not as active as the ones from the top 5.

What are the tools that we need?

Let’s get to work, now that you found out what addmefast is and how interesting it can be. Therefore, we will need addmefast and an active account. If you do not have one, no problem: you can get an account by clicking

Great! Now you have an active account on It means you can start giving Likes to other people as well, to generate the internal credit system on the platform. Once you start giving many Likes to other people, you’ll get more credits. It’s has sense, the more you offer the more you get! Now we’re going to focus on the standard process. You’ll learn how to make things easier and avoid doing the manual work, to get credits.

How can you get credits? In the left site of the website, you’ll see the menu containing the social networks available for trades and exchanges. You can pick the one that suits you, and you can use the following:

  • Facebook Likes

  • Facebook Share

  • Facebook Followers

  • Facebook Post Likes

Free facebook likes
Free facebook likes

All you need to do is push the green Like button, and you will be sent to the user’s page in the system. Simply Like that person’s page, and you will get the number of credits chosen by the one who takes care of it. This goes like this: the system allows you to pay for a like between one and ten credits. The ones paying for ten credits will get the highest number of Likes, meaning the people with the highest quality.

Now just repeat this process as many times as possible, to get more and more credits and as many Likes as possible for your pictures or your Fan Page. Now let’s assume you have on your account at least 300 credits and we shall pass to the next phase. We will add the picture or the Fan Page that we want to promote through the system.

As you can see, on the left side of the website, there is a green button with ‘Add Site/Page’ written. Click on it, and you will be redirected towards the page where you can add the one containing the picture, the Youtube video or anything else that allows you to obtain the exchange. By clicking on Type, you can select ‘Facebook Likes’ or ‘Facebook Post Likes.’ Don’t you know what to pick? Well, for example, if you wish to promote a page or a picture, just select ‘Facebook Likes.’ Otherwise, if you want to promote a simple post or a Facebook status, then you can select ‘Facebook Post Likes.’

  1. Total Clicks: add the maximum number or likes that you wish to obtain. This option is useful, in case you have many credits and you want to leave in the system the page you are promoting. If you do not want to use all the credits you have, then you can limit yourself to 50 Likes, 100 Likes or even 500 Likes. It’s up to you.
  2. Daily Clicks: in case you want the entire process to look as natural as possible, then you can make a drip-feed so that you can obtain 3,000 Likes in 30 days. It means you can limit your Daily clicks to 100 Likes per day.
  3. CPC: add the number of credits you’re willing to pay for each Like. Just keep in mind: if you pay more for each Like, it means you can get more Likes. Some of the addmefast users do not bother to Like for 3 or 5 credits.
  4. Title: you can select anything you like: this is just to keep track of your activity, in case you want to promote a higher number of pages/pictures at the same time.
  5. Page URL : Just add, in case you are promoting a picture. If you want to promote a post, then only add the link towards that post.

Now all you have left to do is save the settings you selected and send towards the system the URL you want to promote. That would be all for now. If you want to monitor your activity related to the picture or Fan Page you want to improve, you can easily do that through Facebook or by using the ‘My Sites’ section from

Or you can even buy facebook likes

If you have a budget to promote your Facebook fan page or your photos you have the option to buy real facebook likes. We made a list with 5 top stores where you can buy the best Facebook likes. We bought likes from them before, and we had an excellent experience.   Is a premium option actually to buy likes. If you don’t have any budget for your online promotion, then just stay with the free like method!

Get Free Facebook Likes – Hack & Trick Facebook

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