Today I am going to explain to you how someone can manage a Facebook profile hack by using the Session Hijacking. This method is not as known as the other ones such as using an online Hack Tool or using the iStealer 6.3, but it properly works and you will not even know that someone gained access to your personal username and password. It’s important for you to know what Session Hijacking is and how it works, so you can find ways of protecting your credentials.

What does the Session Hijacking represent?

In order to understand how the Session Hijacking works, you first need to know that this represents a method someone can use to gain control over your personal computer, for example, and implicitly over your Facebook credentials. This method is also known as Cookie Hijacking and it involves Web exploitation.

A hacker can gain access to your personal credentials from the distance and you will not even know. In case you notice irregularities regarding how your browser reacts, then you should take into consideration that someone might be using the Session Hijacking to crack your passwords and immediately change them.

What is the Session Hijacking? – knowing is caring

How does the Session Hijacking work?

When you want to use the Session Hijacking to steal someone’s credentials, you need a few tools. These are the Kali Linux and MITMProxy. These tools will help you establish a connection to the Computer the victim is using.

How does the Session Hijacking work?

It means that you will be in the middle between the victim’s computer and the Server he or she is using.

Next, I am going to focus on using the MITM proxy.

You also need to setup an operating system to help you get all the process done. You can use the Iptables, which is a firewall and you can make the configuration in the Kali Linux distribution, as following.

Use Kali Linux to make the IP configuration

This is when you need to make sure you insert the correct interface after the ‘-i’. In case you do not know it, you can run the ‘iconfig’ to find it out.

Then just continue doing the configuration to redirect all the data you are looking for on your computer, as following:

The IP configuration

Now you have basically done the key step in the hacking process and you have to run the MITMProxy.

In order to do so, just write the following in the Kali Linux Commander.

Run the MITMProxy

Open Google in the Kali Linux Commander.

You can use the arrow keys to go up and down. Navigate to Facebook, as this is what you are interested in.

Navigate to Facebook

Once you find it, process it and press Enter, until you get here.

You are interested in the Cookie part.

Look for the Cookie area

In order to select the text you are interested in, you have to press the Shift key. Then you need to edit the text, so you should go to in the Seach tab, which is in the lower part. You will get here:

Edit the Cookie area

Once you’ve done this, you need to insert the Cookies into the browser, so just open the browser and you will see this.

Insert the Cookies into the browser

You can use this Cookies Manager.

You can use this Cookies Manager

Ónce you click there, you will reach the page that allows you to add the Cookies Manager to your browser.

Add the Cookies Manager to your browser

Now clear your Cookies browser history by clicking on Cookies.

Refresh your Facebook page and click on Tools, as following:

Then you will get here:

Administrate the Cookies Manager

Refresh your Facebook page again and the browser will take you here:

You are interested in Facebook, so just type Facebook in the Cookies Manager as following:

Facebook Cookies

Now it’s time to do the kit toolbar. Copy the Cookies you’ve already found in the Kali Linux Commander.

In order to edit the Cookies part in the Kali Linux Commander, hold the Shift key and copy paste the text into a Notepad. Once you’ve done so, you can replace the Cookies you found here with the ones from above.

Edit the Cookies area from the Kali Linux Commander

Basically, you will create Cookies that do not exist.

Click Save after doing this process for each Cookie.

After you finish creating the new Cookies, refresh the Facebook page and you will be automatically logged into the account you were trying to hack.

At this point, the ‘victim’ might get a warning message, but usually, people ignore these messages, unless they are really careful.

How safe is this method to use?

At this moment, this method is safe to use, as the hacker cannot be traced back. That is why you should constantly change your passwords and make sure you properly take care of your account.

Thank you for reading this tutorial and stay tuned for the future ones 🙂

Credits to: How To Hack Facebook Accounts Using Session Hijacking (Cookies Stealing)

How To Hack Facebook Accounts Using Session Hijacking

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