Today I’m going to show you how you can hack Facebook free by Phishing, if we take a look at the big picture, and we think out of the box, we can say that is quite easy, and it is; we just need a good story and a smart way of promoting our phishing page.

In this tutorial, I’m going to use a fake girl Facebook account to promote my page, and let’s hope we are going to get many victims!

Create a free web hosting account
Create a free web hosting account

First of all we need a web hosting where we going to host the phishing page, the hosting can also be a paid one if you want.

But it can work just fine with a free hosting as well, if you want to get this hacking method to the perfection you can consider buying a (.com) domain, it can help to win your victims trust much easier than using a free domain name like;(.tk)

  • Step 2 – Chose your phishing site name

Site name
Site name

Is important to chose a trustable name for your website, because this matter a lot in order to win your victim trust.

If your victim sees a weird name like or something like that, most likely they not going to trust your site, so they not going to submit their account credentials, but if you afford to buy a .com domain, and you can make your site something like that;

With this kind of domain name, or something similar, you have a huge chance to win your victim trust, and once you did that, you are one step away from hacking into your victim Facebook account!

  • Step 3 – Uploading the hack files on the website

Uploading the hack files on the website
Uploading the hack files on the website

Now you have to upload the hack files of the Phishing page to the site; you can find the phishing page files on the attachment (Click here to download the attachment)

You can only upload them via the File Manager of your hosting, or you can use a software like Filezilla to upload via FTP, doesn’t matter, just use what is handy for you.

Check your website; you should see now on your domain a login page similar to the original one of

  • Step 4 – Check your Facebook Hack Page

Check your Facebook Hack Page
Check your Facebook Hack Page

If everything did work properly now, you should be able to see on your domain a similar login page like the one of the screenshot. It’s not identical to the original one of Facebook, isn’t even trying to be, because we are not trying to fool people that we are Facebook, what we are trying to do is to make our visitors believe that they need to login via Facebook to access our website content.

  • Step 5 – Promote your Facebook Phishing Page

Now all you have to do is to promote your page in order to gain victims, I have a few personal ideas which I will share here.

Remember, making a phishing page is not illegal, but using it to gain victims it is,  I’m only sharing this for educative purposes if you use it to cause any harm you do it at your risk, I’m not responsible in any way for your actions that you may take! 

Fresh ideas to promote your page

  1. Set up another website with some fascinating and eye-catching videos, promote a particular video that it is very, but absorbing. And set up a 301 redirect after 3-5 seconds after the visitors open your video, redirect them to your Facebook Hack Page, they going to believe that they have to log in to Facebook to continue.
  2. Make a fake girl Facebook account, and set up another website, claiming that you share on that site nude photos of you, and apply the same 301 redirect strategy.
  3. Send emails.
  4. Promote it by your imagination.

Step 5 – Collect your victim’s credentials

Collect username's
Obtain username’s

Now if anybody submits any login request, you should see your hosting a folder “username.txt” there it should appear every single login request, as an example if somebody sends a login request with;

Username: Myusername

Password: Mypassword

That’s it, remember we are only sharing information’s for educative purposes, if you may use it to cause any harm you do it at your risk, we are not responsible for your actions!

Credits to: how to hack facebook account by phishing

Hack Facebook Free by Phishing

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