Hack Facebook with Social Engineering, you can apply this method to hack Instagram accounts as well. But this tutorial is focused exclusively on how to hack facebook accounts on Kali Linux with the Social Engineering Toolkit.  But if you have just a little imagination you can apply the same steps you will learn in this tutorial and duplicate the process to hack another account for another website as well. Is pretty much the same with just a few small variations.

What it is The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET)

The Social-engineer toolkit is a pack of pen tools. You can run them on most of the Linux platforms, especially on Kali Linux. The package comes with powerful hacking tools like the one we are going to use in this tutorial, which will help us in the easiest way possible to clone Facebook login page. You will see in a moment.

To download The Toolkit SET, just type the command in Linux:

git clone https://github.com/trustedsec/social-engineer-toolkit/ set/

Let’s get it started

Download the toolkit
Step 1 – Download the toolkit SET for Kali Linux

Now if you already downloaded the toolkit you should see it on your applications list. Now just simply run it, and you should see a command line console on the desktop, now let’s get to the next step. I hope you understand that this toolkit is only available mostly for Linux platforms, and it was designed especially for Kali OS. In case you are a Windows or another OS user please kindly understand that this tutorial is not for you!

The facebook hack command line
Step 2 – The Facebook hack command line of Kali ToolKit

If you did everything correctly installing the toolkit, and you already check it the new pack on your apps list, and you already run it, then now you can see the same terminal as on the screenshot on your desktop! This is the window where we are going to write and run the commands to hack facebook!

Enter the url you want to clone with the toolkit
Step 3 – Enter the site URL you want to clone

Now we have to clone the facebook.com login page, just simply add the URL ( www.facebook.com ) on the box, and the toolkit will do all the work for you! Should not take longer than five minutes, in my experience the whole process going to take about less than 60 seconds, but sometimes it may take a little bit longer, but that’s not a reason to panic, just give it the time to the cloning process.

Successfully cloned Facebook
Step 3 – After we successfully cloned Facebook, we can open our IP address on the browser

Now after we successfully cloned Facebook page, we can only open the IP address on the browser if you did everything correctly, now you should see in the browser when you type your IP address a clone of login page of Facebook.

Don’t you know your IP address?

In case you don’t know your IP address you can use an online web-site which will immediately help you to identify your exact IP address. The site is called whatismyipaddress.com, and you can go just click here to jump there and determine your IP!

Login page of Facebook cloned!

How can you hack facebook with this Facebook Clone?

Well if you did everything right now when you type your IP address in the browser or the localhost unique address you should see the fake login page of Facebook. Now to your address can connect anybody from the world, and when they type your IP on their browsers, surprize! Facebook login page. You can replace your IP address with a domain name, something like ( www.login-facebook.com) or any other domain that looks similar to the original facebook.com domain.

Then you can promote the domain name you choose via any method cross your mind; you can even use Facebook ads to do so or only send some emails. Or anything else you can imagine And the cool part is that anybody who submit their login credentials to that page they send you their login details. You will receive any login attempts credentials to your email and on the toolkit set!

You can come up with ingenious ideas to combine with this method to make it even a more successful hacking process, an example;

  • Create a website with very catchy and enjoyable videos
  • Promote the videos of your site on Facebook
  • Once you see that you getting clicks from facebook set up a 301 redirect from the website with catchy videos to your fake Facebook login page!
  • Everyone is going to believe that Facebook Logout them or that their login session expired. They were not going to pay much attention to the URL, most probably they just going to insert their credentials to your fake facebook login page!
I hope you enjoy this tutorial, remember we are doing these tutorials only for educative purposes. We are not responsible in any way for the readers that may use this method to do any harm! If you decide to use it for malefic purposes, you do it at your risk!

Credits to: The Dreamers

Hack Facebook using Social Engineering Toolkit

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