How to hack someone's Facebook with DNS spoofing
How to hack someone’s Facebook with DNS spoofing

If you are reading this, it can only mean one thing – you want to know how to hack someone’s Facebook with DNS spoofing. Luckily for you, you came to the right place, because in this tutorial we show you a simple and effective hacking method that uses DNS spoofing with two fantastic tools – SEToolkit (Social Engineering Toolkit, created by the founder of TrustedSec) and Ettercap. Through DNS spoofing (which is a man-in-the-middle attack), we can determine victims to visit a fake website that appears to be a real one. In order to implement the hack, you’ll need SEToolkit and Ettercap, both available with Kali Linux.

  • Step 1 – Hack someone’s Facebook by opening your terminal and typing setoolkit in the command line

Hack someone's Facebook with SEToolkit
Hack someone’s Facebook by entering SEToolkit menu.

After you have installed SEToolkit, open the terminal and type setoolkit, just as in the picture below. This is the first step of hosting a fake Facebook using SEToolkit. In one of our previous articles, we can find more about downloading SEToolkit.

  • Step 2 – Select Social Engineering Attacks from the menu

 Social Engineering Attack from SEToolkit menu
Once the welcome screen opens, select the second option – Social Engineering Attacks.

Once the welcome screen appears, select Social Engineering Attacks and wait for another menu to open.

  • Step 3 – Select Website Attack Vectors

Use Website Attack Vectors for website attacking
Get closer to hacking someone’s Facebook and select Website Attack Vectors.

Website Attack Vectors is the recommended method that utilizes multiple web-based attacks, which allows you to hack someone’s Facebook.

  • Step 4 – Select Credential Harvester Attack

Hack Facebook with Credential Harvester Attack
Select Credential Harvester Attack and start collecting data on your Facebook victim.

Now another menu opens that looks exactly like the image below and you need to select the option number 3. This method uses web cloning for a website with username and password fields. As the name suggests, it harvests all the data posted on the website. With every step you take, you are closer to completely understanding how to hack someone’s Facebook easily, in a matter of minutes.

  • Step 5 – Select Site Cloner

Select Site Cloner and begin cloning your victim Facebook.
Select Site Cloner and begin cloning your victim Facebook.

At this point another menu opens, with 3 options and you need to select the second one, Site Cloner. This way you clone the login page.

  • Step 6 – Find your IP address

Clone Facebook login page
Find your IP address and add it on your terminal, along with the website you want to clone.

Open a new terminal window and type ifconfig in order to find your IP address. The IP will appear in the wlan0 category if you have a wireless Internet connection. For Ethernet networks, you’ll find your IP in the eth0 category. The next step is to copy the URL and paste it in the SEToolkit terminal, just as in the image below, where you can see added the IP address Now we need to enter the URL to clone, namely It will appear the text: “Cloning the text This could take a little bit..”

  • Step 7 – Start DNS spoofing with Ettercap in order to hack someone’s Facebook

Open the configuration file of Ettercap
Enter the configuration file of Ettercap and continue with DNS spoofing.

Ettercap is a software extremely useful for hacking someone’s Facebook. Once you’ve cleared the terminal, type the following commands: cd/etc/ettercap, ls and then leafpad etter.conf and you’ll be entering Ettercap’s configuration file.

  • Step 8 – Change the default values of ec-uid and ec-gid

In the configuration file, just under the [privs] category, change 65534 of ec-uid and ec-gid to 0.

  • Step 9 – Scroll down and uncomment the last two lines

Change Ettercap's configuration file
Make changes in the Ettercap’s configuration file and uncomment the two last lines.

After scrolling down, you’ll see the section “if you see iftables” two lines you need to uncomment just as in the image below. After making these changes, don’t forget to save the configuration file.

  • Step 10 – Open etter.dns file

Change Ettercap's configuration file to hack someone's Facebook
Make changes in the Ettercap’s configuration file and uncomment the two last lines.

The journey of how to hack someone’s Facebook continues with opening the etter.dns file. Once you typed leafpad etter.dns on the command line, wait for the editing file to open. Then edit the field as in the image below, by entering your IP address and click save.

  •  Step 11 – Open the graphical version of Ettercap

Begin DNS sniffing with Ettercap
Start sniffing and add your route URL to Target 1.

Type “ettercap G” in your terminal in order to open the graphical version of Ettercap. Next, you need to select the option Sniff/Unified Sniffing, then select your network interface, scan for hosts and check if your IP address is on the host’s list. Now we need to add router IP to Target 1 and the other IP to Target 2, just as in the image below. At this point, you need to enter Plugins/Manage the plugins and verify if dns-spoof “Sends spoofed DNS replies.

  • Step 12 – Begin sniff remote connections

The next step you need to take is going to Mitm, then select ARP poisoning and choose Sniff remote connections. All you need to do now is to start sniffing. when you want to view the logs go to the vor file and the www.

After completing all these steps, you’ll be able to hack someone’s Facebook with no effort. If you are interested in a simpler way of hacking someone’s Facebook account, you can try out our FBPassworder hack tool that uses Brute Force technique.

Credits to: Kali Linux Tutorials – DNS spoofing – SEToolkit & Ettercap

Hack someone’s Facebook with DNS spoofing

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