Learn how real hackers operate to hack Facebook accounts by using Istealer 6.3. They can also use this method to hack Instagram accounts as well. Do not get me wrong, this is just one of the most common methods they use, but there are many others, such as a scam pages hacking process. I will tell you about this one as well in a future tutorial. Today we’re going to focus on Istealer 6.3, and I will show you how you can keep your Facebook/Instagram credentials safe.

Why do hackers use Istealer 6.3?

Hackers use Istealer 6.3 as this is how they can hack Instagram accounts or Facebook accounts. They are doing it for fun, to scare you or just to gain access to your personal credentials and use your account for different purposes: steal your personal data, check out your conversations and files you share or use your personal account to create fake money gathering campaigns. This has happened over the past few years. For examples, celebrities woke up one day realizing that some people are using their Facebook or Instagram accounts to ask people for money for some fake charity causes. That is why you need to know how this works: to protect your credentials.

How do hackers use Istealer 6.3 to hack into your Facebook or Instagram account

To use Istealer, a hacker simply needs access to a computer and an Internet connection. I am going to show you now step by step what they are doing, so you can know what to avoid. Hackers download the program, they buy a hosting domain, or they use one for free, such as 000webhost. Istealer contains an exec type program that will run on the Windows system, but also an index.php for the host. Hackers do the index.php configuration and the one for the host, and then they create a server. Once all this is done, they can use this server to hack into your Facebook or Instagram account. It can also work for Messenger, Skype or anything else they want. This is the overall idea. Let’s take it step by step now.

How do hackers hack into Facebook and Instagram accounts

Step 1. Considering hackers use Istealer 6.3 to hack into Facebook and Instagram accounts to create a real virus, they first deactivate the Antivirus program for a while. They are doing it by just clicking on the Antivirus icon in the Taskbar and then click on Disable Antivirus

Hackers first deactivate the Antivirus

Step 2. The second phase means downloading the Istealer 6.3 program. Hackers are looking for one online. If you want to try this, remember you have to be careful: if you’re going to Google Istealer, you are going to find lots of results. Most of them represent the virus itself, so you need to pay attention.

Step 3. Once Istealer 6.3 is downloaded, hackers have a WinRar pack on their computers. They extract the files, and they will now have three separate folders: ‘Click me for Istealer,’ ‘Filezilla’ and ‘If the First One doesn’t work.’

These are the folders Istealer contains

Step 4. Creating a 000webhost. Hackers need this for the Istealer logs. They just access the www.000webhost.com website and create an account, or they simply use the one they already have. Creating an account on this site is pretty simple, as you can see in the picture bellow.

That is how you create a 000webhost account


Create your host account

Step 5. Once hackers are logged into their 000webhost.com accounts, they go to the CPanel category and click on the MySQL section in Software/Services to create a new database.



SQL database

Once they inserted the credentials within one minute, they will have the PHP scripts.

Hackers usually save these credentials in a Notepad, to be easier to use later on.

Step 6. Now hackers open the ‘Click me for Istealer’ folder they got when downloading the program. This one contains three folders: ‘Icon Pack,’ ‘PHP Mod’ and ‘Skin,’ plus an Info document, the iStealer v6.3 Legends application and a DAT file named license.dat.

They open the ‘PHP Mod’ folder and click on Upload and then config.

They will now open a Notepad where they need to insert the MySQL data that was previously configured, the one already saved in a Notepad document and save the new Notepad document.


Step 7. Hackers now open the Filezilla exe, agree with the Terms and conditions, click Next and then Cancel once this is installed.

Now they have the exec program on their computer.

They open it from the Windows Start and then open the 000webhost as well and click on Back to Control Panel section.

This is the moment when hackers check the FTP details. On the 000webhost, hackers go into the Files/View FTP Details and click on it.

They now reached FTP Login and Upload Details page. Pirates go back in the Filezilla exe program, click on File – Site Manager and open the Site’s Manager.

Now they copy/paste the host from the 000webhost to the Site’s Manager, together with the username and password and click Connect.


The Filezilla will now start running already. They click on the Public host in the lower, right part of the Filezilla exe program.

Hackers then open the PHP Mod folder again to open the Upload folder. They copy the content in the Upload Folder and paste it in the lower, right section of the Filezilla program. Then they only wait for the Filezilla program to run the info.

Step 8. Hackers can now test to see if every works correctly, to use Istealer. Things might not function the right way at the beginning and hackers will see a ‘Can’t read lognum text,’ meaning there is something wrong. But of course, hackers found a way to solve this, so they copy/paste this message into a Notepad document, and they just edit the lognum text. They do this by accessing the Filezilla program again and click on lognum in the lower, right part: they add 3 spaces before and after the ‘0’ in the Notepad document and another 3 spaces after the ‘0’, save the Notepad document and they will have a box opening that will show the changed details.

They click on Finish editing, delete local files and click Yes.

Now the virus is all set. Hackers can now start using Istealer by opening the ‘Click me for Istealer’ folder, and then they click on Istealer 6.3v Legends.

Step 9. That is the last step, where hackers can test the Facebook URL/Instagram URL.

They just take your Facebook/Instagram URL, they copy/paste it into the Istealer and click Test URL. They will get a message saying everything works correctly, so they need to build a server that’s all.

Now you’ve learned how hackers can hack any Facebook account or Instagram account with Istealer 6.3. That is just a part of their work. Some hackers even use fake likes to make their posts look more legit and make people trust those posts even more. They use a similar method like the How to get free Facebook likes tutorial we created. You can watch it, to learn more about this.

Screenshots source: How To Setup iStealer v6.3 (Complete Tutorial HD)

How hackers hack any Facebook & Instagram account with Istealer 6.3

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