How to Hack Facebook ID in 2018
How to Hack Facebook ID in 2018

How to hack Facebook ID with HTML, to follow this method is that easy that even a kid can do it. You only need to do some small HTML changes and apply the changes on your Browser “View Source” option, you’ll see in a moment! You can even follow the YouTube video tutorial or you can follow the text + screenshot instructions. I suggest you to simply follow the video tutorial because I believe this way you’ll understand easier the tutorial!

  • Step 1 – Open your Browser & Facebook and pick a Victim

The Facebook victim
The Facebook victim

As I said the first step is to open your Browser if you want to be sure that this hacking method will work for you I suggest you use the same web browser like I did on the tutorial. To be more exactly I’ve used Chrome, so I suggest you use the same web browser! You may not realize why you need to use Chrome, but believe me is very important because Chrome has some awesome feature when comes to inspect the elements of a web page!

  • Step 2 – Copy the Victim’s Profile URL

Copy the victim's Facebook Profile URL
Copy the victim’s Facebook Profile URL

Once you have picked a victim, the next step you need to take is to copy the victim’s ID link, which is extremely easy. You will proceed exactly as in the image above. Open a Text or a Word document and paste the URL.

  • Step 3 – Keep it and go to the Facebook Profile Finder Tool

Facebook Profile Finder ID
Go to Facebook Profile Finder Tool and find your victim’s Facebook ID.

Have you copied your victim’s Facebook URL? If so, I need you to log out Facebook and click on Forgotten Account. Open a new tab and type in your browser   This useful tool allows you to easily find the Facebook ID of your victim.

  • Step 4 – Paste the Profile URL and try to find your victim’s Facebook ID

Hack Facebook in 2018 with Facebook ID
Find your victim’s Facebook ID using

Now, after you entered, you need to paste the victim’s Facebook URL you have copied earlier. Within seconds, you’ll be able to find your victim’s personal numeric ID, which is extremely important for successfully hacking a Facebook account.  

  • Step 5 –  Copy the Victim’s Facebook ID, because you gonna need that in a moment!

Victim's Facebook numeric ID
Your victim’s Facebook numeric ID.

Now you simply need to copy your victim’s Facebook ID, if you don’t know yet how to it you can watch the video tutorial and you’ll see in a moment what you need to do! Paste the numeric ID in your Text document, because you’ll need it later.

  • Step 6 – Copy the last part of your victim’s Facebook Profile URL

How to hack Facebook ID
Use your victim’s Profile URL to hack his or her Facebook account.

At this point, copy the last part of your victim’s Facebook Profile URL, which in my case is sharma.riya.948 and return to Facebook Forgotten Password page. Here you paste it into the account recovery box, just as in the image above.

  • Step 7 – Copy the ID code and paste it into the Facebook hacking script

Facebook hacking script
Add your victim’s Facebook numeric ID into the hacking script.

If other hacking methods use different software and tools, such as SEToolKit or requires working on a Linux terminal, in order to implement this method you’ll only need my Facebook Hacking Script. Copy the ID code and paste it into the Facebook Hacking Script, just as in the image above.

  • Step 8 – Copy the entire script and enter Inspect mode –  the last step on how to hack Facebook ID

Facebook Hacking Script
Copy the entire Facebook Hacking Script.

Now I need you to copy the entire script go to Facebook recovery account page, right click on the page and select the last option, Inspect. Once you enter Inspect Mode, select Edit as HTML, delete the existing content and paste the entire script. All you have to do now is to choose a password for your victim’s Facebook account. As you can see, it is easy to learn how to hack Facebook ID using HTML.

You can also try to hack a Facebook account using session Hijacking or with Brute Force Technology.  No matter the hacking method you prefer, we offer you easy to understand tutorials with descriptive screenshots, to make things simpler for you.

Credits to: HACK FACEBOOK ID USING HTML CODE updated 2018 

How to hack Facebook ID using HTML

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