Facebook is a Social Network created in 2004, and today it has around 1.8 billion users. This is why some people created methods on how to hack Facebook passwords.

Having a Facebook account is not safe unless you use the appropriate Security options that are provided to you by this Social Network. There are many methods hackers can use to get your credentials. If you want to avoid this, then you need to know exactly what they can do. In a previous tutorial, I showed you a method on how to hack a Facebook account with iStealer 6.3. Now let’s find out together how can someone steal your credentials by using a Scam Page.

What is a Scam Page?

You’ve probably never heard about this before, and you must be wondering what a Scam Page is. A Scam Page is a page that resembles the original one, except that by using a Scam Page someone can steal your credentials for any account you might be using. For example, someone can get your Facebook credentials by using a Scam Page.

Why would someone use a Scam Page?

Unless you are a celebrity, you must be thinking that there is no reason to be targeted by people who can hack a Facebook account, so you do not protect your credentials enough. This is the first mistake you can do because hackers can target anyone of us. They can use a Scam Page to get your Facebook credentials and just ‘play’ with your personal details.

Think of this: when creating your Facebook account you insert on this Social Network details such as your personal mobile phone number, your e-mail address, your birthday, the company you work for, your interests and many other things. Basically, you write on Facebook all the things a business company would need to know if they want to include you in their targeted audience.

Another reason for someone to use a Scam Page and get your credentials is that the hacker would get full control over your Facebook account. He would have control over the files you’ve shared on Facebook with your friends, the photos you’ve posted so far, the conversations you’ve had: everything.

How can someone create a Scam Page?

I am now going to show you exactly what are the steps someone can take to create a Scam Page and steal your Facebook credentials.

Facebook login page

When creating Scam Page, there are a few tools required. I am referring to these: LastPass, Atom and XAMPP.

You can quickly download LastPass from there:

LastPass is used to create a Scam Page

To download Atom, you can go there:

Atom is used to create a Scam Page

The last tool you will need is XAMPP and you can get it from there:

The XAMPP controller is used to create a Scam Page

Now you know all the tools someone needs to create a Scam Page.

I am going to pretend you are the one creating a Scam Page. This way everything will be easier to explain.

You need to open Facebook and Click Right in the Email/Phone number box.

Click right in the Email/Phone number section

Then click on Inspect, and you will reach this script.

This is the script behind the Facebook page you need to modify

Here you should click on email and change ‘name=email’ into ‘name=field1’.

Modify the email with ‘filed1’

Then go into the lower section where you see ‘name=pass’. Change it into ‘pass’ into ‘name=field2’

Change the pass into ‘field2’

Next thing you need to modify is the form id section. You need to change the info into action=”action.php”, as bellow:

Change the form section

Once you’ve done all these changes, just close the script page and Save it on your Desktop in a new Folder named Facebook.

Save the changes on your Desktop in a New Folder named ‘Facebook.’

Now you will have this on your computer:

The Folder you now have on your personal computer

Once you made sure you have this Folder, close it and then Click Right on it. Open it with Atom. Go to File and click on New File to create action.php.

Use Atom to create Scam Pages
How to use Atom and create Scam Pages

Then click on index in Atom. You should edit it by finding ‘action.php’ and removing all the other text, meaning the ‘https://www.facebook.com’.

Delete the Facebook text

Now close Atom. Open the Facebook folder you have on your Desktop and copy all the three files from it.

Copy the files from the Facebook Folder

Open the XAMPP folder and then the htdocs Folder. Paste here the three files.

Open the htdocs Folder

Then close this Folder and open the XAMPP Control Panel and click Stop.

Click on Stop

Open a new browser and access ‘localhost’. Once you click Enter, you will automatically reach the Facebook website. Write ‘fake’ in both credential boxes and hit Enter. Open the XAMPP folder from your computer, access the htdocs folder and click on Data. The Data document will contain the Facebook credentials you were trying to steal.

This is how can someone create a Scam page and get your credentials.

Short description on how to build a Scam Page:

  • download LastPass, Atom and XAMPP (you will need them)
  • open Facebook, click Right in the Email/phone number box
  • click on Inspect
  • click on td: change ‘name=email’ into ‘name=field1’
  • Click on the next td: change into action=”action.php”
  • close the script and save it in a new folder on your Desktop
  • name the folder Facebook
  • click right on the Facebook Folder and open it with Atom
  • Go to File, click on New File and create action.php
  • save it in the Facebook folder
  • click on Index in Atom
  • find action.php and edit it: remove the https://www.facebook.com text
  • close Atom
  • open the Facebook Folder and copy all three documents
  • open the XAMPP folder and look for the htdocs Folder
  • open it and paste the three files you’ve previously copied
  • open the XAMPP Control Panel and click Stop
  • open a new browser and insert localhost
  • hit enter
  • you will automatically reach Facebook
  • You will have a document saved on your computer. It is the Data document  that you can find in the XAMPP folder
  • these will be credentials you obtained

When I mentioned ‘fake,’ I used it in a generic way, as you will instead get the Facebook credentials you want.

Is it safe to create a Scam Page?

Creating a Scam Page is safe. At the moment, those who create such pages cannot be traced, so you should take care of your personal computer. All they need is access to your computer to make all the changes. Facebook is smart. That is why you have many Facebook Security options you can use. Do not forget to do so.

Thank you for reading my tutorial and stay tuned: there are much more to come 🙂

Maximize the number of victims you can get using Facebook ads

You can reach  more victims than only using old fashion methods, like;

  1. Sending private messages
  2. Posting on facebook groups
  3. Trying to hide it on a photo description

You can create Facebook ads and promote your scam page in any country you want. Facebook ads allow you to target any country of the world, but of course, you have to hide it, I mean Facebook won’t be too happy to see that you are trying to promote a scam page on their ADS system. But if you pay attention to small details, you can do it. Just use your imagination!

How to hack Facebook passwords using a Scam Page

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