Learn how you can scare your friends with a very fresh and easy to use a tool: the Facebook Hacking Simulator. Nowadays, the Internet provides you with many ways of having fun. You can choose Facebook because this Social network has become almost addictive: we wake and instead of saying ‘Good morning,’ we first check Facebook to see who liked our pictures, who commented on our posts or we simply scroll to see what’s new and what our friends have been doing lately. People are very protective when it comes to their Facebook credentials, and usually, they do not share them with anyone. That is why when someone believes he or she can have the credentials stolen, the fright shows up. By using this tutorial, you will see exactly how you can make fun of your friends by leading them to believe their Facebook account can be hacked.

Why did we create the Facebook Hack Simulator

Once Facebook was released, ideas on how to hack Facebook showed up as well. It means that right now, Facebook credentials can easily be hacked with the appropriate tools. Facebook Hack Simulator shows you exactly how a real hack tool works, except in the end it won’t give you the real credentials to break into someone’s Facebook account. So this will be pretty funny for you while your friends get scared.

How can Facebook Hack Simulator be used?

The first thing you need to do is choose the Facebook friend you want to prank and scare. Make sure to copy his Facebook URL. You will later need it. Then you can easily access our tool (The number #1 Facebook hacker | Hack Facebook Accounts Online – Fast & Easy) page and then access the Online Hack Section. You will quickly see where you have to paste the Facebook URL. Then you need to agree to the Terms of Service from our page and then just hit the ‘Start Hacking’ button.

How to use Facebook Hacking Simulator

Within a few seconds, the tool will pretend to think of all the possible combinations for finding the right credentials. Once the search is ready, you will see the ‘Download password’ button.

Facebook Hacking Simulator Download Password


Click on it and you will get a WinRar pack with a Notepad included.

Facebook Hacking Simulator results

When you open it, you will have an exciting surprise: the username and password are not real. This what you will get:

Facebook hack tool result

But hey! Your friends will not know this until they get to this step so that they will be pretty scared. Funny, right?

  • Select the Facebook URL you need
  • copy the Facebook URL
  • open our website
  • paste the Facebook URL
  • press on ‘Start hacking.’
  • the tool will pretend to think of all the possible combinations
  • press on the Download button
  • open the WinRar pack with the Notepad included
  • the prank is done!

What are the advantages of pranking your friends by using our tool?

It is a very easy to use the tool, and it is at hand for everybody. You have everything online, and you do not need to download any program. Since hacking occurs online, your friends won’t be having any trouble believing this is true. Plus, you just need a Facebook URL, and within a few seconds, the prank is done. You can have fun by using any device you want: a mobile phone, a tablet, an iPad or even your personal computer.

  • Easy to use
  • all is online
  • you can use any device you want
Use any device you want for a Facebook hack prank

What will your friends think you have access to?

Let’s say you have friends you want to make fun of or maybe enemies you want to scare for real. By using our Facebook Hack Tool, you can quickly achieve your goals. Imagine this: if someone thinks you have access to their Facebook credentials, it means they will believe you have access to their personal messages: you will see what they are talking about and with whom, if they cheated their partners, if they hate their boss, if they actually do not like their best friend. This is really funny.

What can you find on your friends Facebook account?

They would also believe you have access to the files they’ve shared and sometimes, these might be important. Plus, let’s not forget that they would think you are in control of their Facebook account, meaning you could post on their Timeline anything you like, you could change or edit their pictures and you could send a Friend request to people they would never send Friend requests. Another interesting thing is that sometimes, people use a method to gain more free Likes than they would normally get and if they think you know their password, they will get scared. Imagine for example this: the girl with highest numbers of Likes from your Facebook list has fake Likes. What would you think of that? These are all the main thoughts your friends would have in mind if you told them you have their Facebook credentials or that someone can get them. The panic would be impossible to describe in words.

Make your prank even more complicated

The prank can even go further. You could, for example, tell you, friends, that someone broke into their Facebook account and that person also started breaking into their friend’s accounts. How funny would that be? You would create a chain prank, as your friends would immediately call their other friends or acquaintances to let them know about this. You only need to use your imagination to get this prank to work. It can be used in many other ways.

Reassure your friends all was only a prank

Once you finished laughing, you can show your friends our Terms of service page, and they can apparently read there it was all a joke, and none of it was real. We included in terms of service details on how our tool is just a simulator, so your friends can start hating you now! 😀

Facebook Hack Tool is just a simulator

Stay tuned, as I will soon create a tutorial on how to make fun of your friends by leading them to believe you can hack their Instagram account, the second most interesting and attractive Social Network of the moment.

Thank you for choosing my tutorial and be careful: you never know when you can become the victim of a good prank!

How to Prank & Scare your friends with the Facebook Hacking Simulator

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