The top 5 most common facebook hacking methods
The top 5 most common facebook hacking methods

In this article, I will tell you all about the top 5 Facebook Password Hacks. Knowing how someone can steal your personal credentials, you will give a better understanding to the importance of the security tools. Anyone can quickly learn how to get your Facebook credentials if they have the time and interest in finding out how to do so and it only requires a little time.

Are you curious about the Top 5 Facebook Password Hacks? Let’s begin!

  • 1.The Brute Force Technology

One of the most common hacking methods is using the Brute Force Technology. This is a programming style that decodes encrypted data and provides the hacker with your personal credentials without you even knowing it.

As you can read in the Facebook Hacker using Bruteforce Technology tutorial a hacker only needs a script, a programming language, and a Word list to get your personal credentials. That is why you should always choose strong passwords and then constantly change them: you will make sure nobody else gains control over your own credentials.

At the moment, hacking Facebook passwords by using the Brute Force Technology is a safe method, as the hacker cannot be traced back. This means that anyone can use this method to steal your credentials and you won’t even know who did it or prove that he/she did it.

  • 2.Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a psychological method that hackers use to steal your personal Facebook credentials.

They manipulate you into providing them with access to your password, and you won’t even realize you are doing that because making someone feel comfortable is the best way to earn their trust and subsequently gain access to whatever you want.

Why is this method called Social Engineering? The ‘Social’ term comes from the fact that a hacker can manipulate and trick you into trusting him. Once he’s accomplished that.

He will use the computer knowledge (meaning the engineering skills) he has to do whatever he wants with your personal account.

The Social Engineering method to hack someone’s Facebook password is very complex. It includes many different techniques that some can use. Among these, there are the Pretexting, the Diversion, the Phishing, the Phone Phishing, the Spear Phishing, the Water holding and the Baiting.

The Pretexting method refers to a situation when the hacker tricks you into trusting him, so you then provide him with your personal Facebook credentials. To gain your trust, the hacker will have previously done research on you and creating a complicated lie to manipulate you.

Someone can also steal your personal Facebook credentials by using the Phishing method, meaning you will get an e-mail that at first sight looks to be legit, but it contains a fake link. Once you click on that, you provide the hacker with access to your personal Facebook credentials.

  • 3.Keylogger

It is critical to be aware of whom you allow access to your personal computer. If not paying attention, someone can steal your personal Facebook credentials by installing a Keylogger on your account. What is the Keylogger, you might wonder?

This is a type of virtual surveillance. The hacker can install on your computer a program that will record every step you take and every single word you type. Afterward, the hacker will receive files containing all the steps you took on your personal computer.

Usually, the Keylogger method is used by employers to keep track of what their employees are doing. My advice would be for you not to use your personal Facebook account at work. This way you avoid the employer finding out about all the conversations you might have and with whom.

As a concrete example, someone can hack any Facebook account by using iStealer 6.3. This method can also be used to steal Instagram credentials, so be aware!

  • 4.Scam Page

Creating a Scam Page to steal Facebook credentials is another method hackers use to get in control of your personal accounts. A Scam Page is a page that resembles the original one, but it’s designed to steal your username and password.

You can read all about it in the How to hack Facebook passwords using a Scam Page tutorial. You will find there the written tutorial, but also a video one, in case you are not a patient person.

  • 5.Online Facebook Hack Tool

Another method someone can use to steal your Facebook credentials is by using the Facebook Hack Tool. The tool is very easy to use, and that hacker that wants to use it does not even need to download a program. All he needs is your Facebook URL.

Within just a  few moments he can find out your personal password. This tool can be used on any device: the personal computer, tablet, iPad or mobile phone.

These are only the most common used methods, but people are creative and resourceful when it comes to hacking.

My advice is for you to be careful, as the methods I’ve presented to you can be used not only for your Facebook account but also for the other Social Media accounts you are using and also for your more important accounts, such as the bank accounts.

Take your time to use the appropriate Facebook security tools you have available and protect your accounts before someone steals them. It’s also best if you do not share your personal credentials with anyone, even if we’re talking about people you trust the most.

Hacking methods can be used for different purposes

Thank you for reading this article and stay tuned: there are many more interesting ones to come 🙂

Top 5 Facebook Password Hacks

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