Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What can I find on

We provide professional tools, techniques and tutorials on Facebook hacking.

Who can use the information and tools listed on this website?

Everyone has access to our tools and tutorial, so there is no usage restriction.

Are you going to help me become a hacker?

Hacking requires in-depth programming knowledge, so, even though we do not recommend, if your purpose is to become a hacker keep reading and one day you will become a hacker!

Can I use what I learn here on other websites?

We are specialized in Facebook, so our tools can only be used there. However, most of the techniques that you can find in our blog (such as phishing) can easily be adapted and used to gather all sorts of information from other sites.

Why do you post hacking tutorials on your website?

We do it because we want people to be informed on how cyber thieves operate in order to steal their digital information. We are not responsible if someone is using the know-how shared on this website for illegal activities

Will I help you break into my computer if I use your Facebook hacking tools?

Our tools are used by customers around the world to recover their account information. Everything is confidential. No data is stored or shared, so you don’t have to worry about being hacked yourself. Furthermore, you can find useful information on how to protect yourself from being hacked on our blog!

I want to know more about your services, what do I do?

If you want to know more, feel free to use our Contact page!