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FBPassworder ✔✪ offers one of the most powerful Facebook hack tools available on the World Wide Web. Experienced programmers that have worked as ethical hackers for many years now have created it. This tool was designed to work as automated software based on the Brute Force technique.

What is Brute Force and how to hack Facebook password using it?

This method is based on repetition. Our Facebook hack tool recombines a preloaded list of words, letters, numbers and symbols with thousands of varying combinations. To give you an overview, it starts with the simple letter "a", then "aa", "aaa", and it eventually creates real words, such as "myPassword" or strong combinations, such as "$!100mMpps!".

It is fully automated, running up to 250 combinations per second, which means that the hacker only needs to know the username of his victim.

What sets this tool apart from other tools?

The success of a Brute force attack usually depends on the number of predefined values (words) loaded by the hacker in the database. Indeed, a larger number of values can increase the time until the tool cracks the password, however, it also increases the chances to succeed in actually hijacking the social media account.

Our tool has been loaded with a list that contains billions of combinations already, from simple to complex words, from letters to combinations, it has almost everything. That is why hacking Facebook using this tool has 99.9% success rate. What does this mean? It means that there is a pretty low chance that this tool won't hack the account that you pick.

How long until it will hijack the account?

Traditional Brute-Force tools would come up with a set of passwords that the hacker would have to manually try until finding the actual working one. However, this can take a lot of extra time, which is why we invested even more in making this process fully automated. This means that our tool will actually attempt to log into your victim's account using the combinations it generates until it finds the best one. Once it found the combination, you will be provided with a document containing the username and the password of your victim.

The time spent until it finds the correct combination may vary from a couple of seconds to a couple of days, depending on how strong the password is. However, we have designed our tool's algorithm based on the most common passwords that people do use for their social media accounts, that is why most of the times it should not take more than 2 to 5 minutes to actually provide you with the password.

How safe is the Facebook hack tool?

You really do not have to worry about this! It uses secure servers that will not trace back to your computer. However, if you really do not want any connection between your PC and the hacked account, you should consider logging into your victim's account from a different computer (like an Internet cafe).

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Besides the Facebook hacking tool we created, we also provide you with one related to Instagram hack, no worries. It’s pretty similar to the one for Facebook and it will take just a few moments to get the Instagram credentials back, in case you lost them. This tool can easily be used online, same as the one for Facebook. You do not need to download any program and within just a few moments, you get the results you wanted. Plus, you can access it from any device you might have the personal computer, tablet, iPad or mobile device.