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Thank you for reading our Terms and Conditions. We hope you are enjoying our Fbpassworder Website. This one was created to provide you with information on how you can protect your Social Network accounts and keep to yourselves the credentials you have. In order to use our special tools and tutorials, you need to accept the Terms and Conditions. Otherwise, we kindly advise you not to use them.

  1. Changes to Agreements

We are constantly on improving the website. It means that in time we might sometimes proceed to changes related to agreements. Please make sure to always check the Terms and Conditions in case you have any questions. We will always update this section, if needed.

  1. Enjoying Fbpassworder

Fbpassworder provides you with information on how you can protect your Social Network accounts. There is no need for authentication when using our Wesbite and you can use the tools and tutorials we provide you with. There is no need to download any program: everything is online. By using our Website, you will have access to:

  • Instagram hack tool

  • Facebook hack tool

  • tutorials

  • articles containing relevant information

    1. License and assignment

    All the content from our Website represents the property of Fbpassworder. We grant you with access to the tutorials, articles and tools we developed. They can all be used for personal, non-commercial reasons. Fbpassworder reserves the right to assign certain information/tools to a third party. In order to use our online tools, you must be aware that they are only online simulators. There is not a real hacking process involved in. You won’t be getting any real login data.

    1. Third party agreements

    Fbpassworder includes a third party platform: we might use embed videos, for example, in order to provide you with accurate information. This will help you on the long run. It means you must understand Fbpassworder cannot be hold responsible for the content created on a third party platform but promovates it as accurate and interesting content.